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Path of Exile 3.7 and Legion Patch Notes Rundown

Path of Exile Legion

So the full patch notes for Legion and Path of Exile 3.7 are finally out. And POE players are frantically scrolling through them, looking for the best skills to play.

The long and short of it is this, Legion and Path of Exile 3.7 handed a huge buff to melee skills, almost across the board. Nearly all the melee skills got flat damage added in, as well overall damage increases in some way. Many skills also got attack speed multipliers in place of existing flat modifiers. This means that while gear matters a little less for scaling melee damage, it can matter much more for getting that previous attack speed.

A bunch of Ascendancies and Passive Tree reworks were dropped into 3.7 too. Trickster now has less Attack and Cast Speed. Occultist has been ruined by the removal of Beacon of Ruin and Elemental Proliferation. You can see more changes to Slayer, Champion and more in our other Ascendancy coverage.

Some crafting changes, like reworks to rolled modifiers on Fossils for example, have nerfed Energy Shield a bit. Two-handed weapons got a buff though.

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A bunch of other changes were made to support skills as well. If you want to see a more complete rundown of just the skill changes, check out our Path of Exile 3.7 skills rework overview.

If you’re looking for more insights into why GGG made these decisions, you might like to also check out the Legion Balancing Development Manifesto. And if you happen to be a more visual learner, excellent POE YouTuber/streamer ZiggyD put together a condensed rundown video for this patch, going into a bit more detail about some of the changes.

And now that you’ve watched that, it’s time to pick a starter build for Path of Exile Legion, and you’re in luck. Because ISKMogul has collected a guide with 30+ builds for POE 3.7.

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