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Ubisoft rolling back changes to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

The previously announced, and pretty controversial, aesthetic changes to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are now being reworked. Today, Ubisoft announced that they will be replacing the modified art assets and other changes in the competitive shooter.

For those that didn’t know, Ubisoft originally planned to remove many references to sexuality, gambling, violence and bloodshed in the popular game. These were planned as part of the expansion of the title into Asian markets, wherein laws about depictions of these things are much more restrictive.

These plans were met with a lot of pushback from the game’s community, with some people complaining that the original vision of the game had been compromised. And even though Ubisoft defended the changes initially, they’ve now announced a plan to revert all of the changes to appease angry fans.

We have been following the conversation with our community closely over the past couple of weeks, alongside regular discussions with our internal Ubisoft team, and we want to ensure that the experience for all our players, especially those that have been with us from the beginning, remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible.

The new version of the art assets are set to be implemented in the upcoming Year 3, Season 4 update, Operation Wind Bastion.

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Ubisoft admits that the patching out of these changes will take some time, and might be difficult to fully accomplish without too many delays. The company says that they’ll try to minimize issues with build stability, but can’t guarantee if things won’t go wrong at all. While the company does admit that this might lead to some issues with content production for new seasons as it may lead to some delays in long-term plans.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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