How to develop an addiction in BitLife

How to complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife

With the release of the new Movie Star content, BitLife fans are having a heck of a weekend. This game already has a mountain of content within, and now we have a bunch of new options. And once again, we’re getting a new weekly challenge for players to finish off. This game has a ton of goals, achievements and challenges to mop up. Your choices will drastically alter the trajectory of your life. To get into the seedier side of things, you can get deep into the criminal underworld.

How to develop an addiction in BitLife

Depending on your goal, you may need to even develop an addiction. There’s actually a weekly challenge this week to get this done. This week, you need to wrap up the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife to get a special reward. One of the many tasks you need to finish for this quest means you need to get addicted to something. There are a few different choices you can make for what you want to get addicted to. The choice depends on how much work you want to put in.

There are many different ways to get this done. The type of addiction your character gets will vary depending on the activity you choose. You can go party via the Nightlife option in the Activities menu. Sometimes when you do this you will be offered alcohol. Do this enough, you will sometimes become an alcoholic. You could use a few other options, like partying with your friends in the Relationship menu, and this could also trigger that event. A third option offers the potential to get into gambling, via the Casino. Open up the Activities menu and choose either the Casino or Nightlife options. Just keep hitting up these options, as well as going out with your friends.

Since the game relies on random events to trigger addiction in BitLife, you have to hope for good luck. Once you get the notice, you’re done and can move on with the next task of the challenge.

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