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New Temtem gameplay trailer shows off battles

Temtem is just Pokemon

The newest trailer for Temtem shows even more of the gameplay in the new Early Access MMO. This new trailer rolls through Temtem types, a new 2v2 combat overview, and some new stuff to run through when trying to be the best Tamer you can be. And with all the hundreds of Temtem, including the cute starters, there’s a lot of depth to this game, so check out all the gameplay systems to learn more.

Other mechanics shown in the new trailer, which can be seen below, are breeding and the new duos battle system.  The trailer also details the extreme basics of Temtem breeding too. There’s even another new element called  Luma Temtem. These are roughly equivalent to Shinies, and have the cool aesthetic to prove. it.  Luma Temtem also have boosted stats that make them a bit more prized in battles. And with the 2v2 battle system going into the game, the composition of your team is all the more important.

Right now, Temtem is out via Early Access. After early access, it will come to other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, sometime in 2021. So if you’re in the mood for something that’s a lot more multiplayer focused after you have wrapped up Pokemon Sword and Shield, this may be the game for you.

The 2v2 Battle System

The gameplay trailer details a fair bit about the reworked battle systems. Rather than the simpler HP values of certain other monster-battling games,  Temtem has much more strategic battles. Of course there’s type advantage to worry about. But there’s much more. The stamina and synergy systems in the game make it so players have to carefully plan out their moves, considering what the next move their opponent will use might be.

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Making a mistake and choosing a move that breaks with the strengths of your team can spell the difference between victory and defeat for a Tamer.

Breeding System

Breeding is another area that the new trailer runs through. Of course there’s more to the system than meets the eye, but it’s pretty simple once you get a grip with it. Some Temtem can only be obtained through breeding, so learning this gameplay system is a big necessity. Luckily, it’s clearly based on the mechanics from a certain inspirational game which shall remain nameless. Although there are some added complexities to take into account.

If two Temtem share a type, the pair is compatible for breeding. If they do not share a type, they cannot be bred. Each Temtem also has Fertility ratings and stat inheritance to deal with. Traits, single stat values, Fertility, and Type combinations can all be passed onto progeny within this system. Check out the rather comprehensive Wiki for the game for more details.

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