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Xbox Series X could have integration with Steam and Epic Games Store

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is set to release near the end of 2020, and with it could come a major revolution of the console gaming sector. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all been blasting away with some great games and consoles in the last few years. And with the newest generation set to begin in 2020, it looks like the console war is about to get kicked into overdrive.

All the console makers are looking to bridge the gap between consoles and PCs, with the newest generation of console offering up to  8K performance and full 120 FPS experiences. It’s a pretty insane jump from the 4K 30 FPS-60 FPS gap we see in the current era. And a big part of this effort is not just on the hardware front. By offering more tailored development of software and games, the end product can be much better optimized.

This doesn’t appear to mean that there will be more exclusives though.  A rumor that appears to stem from Italian site Game Experience claims that the new console will allow players to access these gaming platforms that, until now, have been entirely exclusive to PC. Of course, as with any rumor, take it with a massive grain of salt.  There has been no official confirmation of this rumor.

The new rumor seems to be best supported by the efforts of Microsoft. The gaming and technology giant has been pushing the Xbox and Windows brands closer together over the last few years. Since 2014 and the launch of the original Xbox One, it’s been pretty clear that the company has been trying to force more and more PC and console gamers to own both platforms. With both gaming exclusives, the strategy was pretty apparent, but the push for Xbox Game Pass for console and PC made it much more clear. So having Steam and Epic Games Store titles on the Xbox Series X will be a huge win, assuming that Microsoft can capitalize on the idea properly.

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So whether or not this claim comes true remains to be seen. It’s also possible that Sony could answer this idea with their own innovations, although all of this is still unconfirmed.

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