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Disintegration shows off 23 minutes of gameplay footage


Disintegration  is a new sci-fi shooter from developer V1 Interactive and its publisher Private Division. This game comes to us from one of the minds behind the original Halo: Combat Evolved, so there’s a definite genre pedigree built into the team at it’s core. The core gameplay loop mixes strategy an tactics in a refreshing way. Rather than just being the commander of an RTS army, or the grunt on the ground, In Disintegration, things are a bit muddier. Players will pilot a tank-like vehicle called a Gravcycle. Players will command their troops on the ground as they battle through various missions, trying to complete various objectives.

The game also challenges the player to think critically about their current situation. The AI is honed to make tactical decisions by responding to players as a group, rather than behaving like a rigid singular entity. Players will have to work together to overcome these challenges. And of course, the singleplayer campaign isn’t the only thing on offer here.

Disintegration also includes a host of singleplayer and multiplayer modes to blast around in. Gamers can use a variety of weapons and tactics in the full PvP multiplayer as well. Battles are fast, and the amount of moment options offers some interesting choices from a gameplay perspective. If teams of players opt for a death-from-above approach, Disintegration will support that with a variety of weapon choices.

If this whole thing sounds interesting to you, why not hop onto the PC and try it out. PC gamers can opt-in for the oncoming Closed Beta phase of testing. The developers are also planning to hold other phases of testing in the future. V1 Interactive and its publisher Private Division have revealed that a public beta of the tactical shooter will run between January 31st and February 1st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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You can check out the full footage, courtesy of IGN, down below. There is currently no ETA on release dates for this game.

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