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How to get the Respect and Polite Emotes in Lost Ark

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There are lots of different emotes available in many MMOs. including in Lost Ark.Emotes in MMOs have been used for years for everything from celebration to trolling, and they’re used to full effect here as well. And being a fully-stuffed MMO, there’s tons more to find and explore as you play the game. And of course, that means a small mountain of side quests and other activities to complete. The Lutteran Lord side quest requires you to use two different emotes that you can have fun with. You can use this guide to get two of them, the Respect and Polite Emotes in Lost Ark.

There are plenty of other things to learn about Lost Ark beyond this simple stuff. Strongholds that act as bases for crafting, seem to have some folks confused. There’s also that premium sub that some players are curious about. Doing things like dismantling gear is pretty important too. Learning how to do that can help your crafting efforts a bit. Get out there and start exploring, adventurer. Handling gear upgrades is another important aspect, mostly via Engravings and other upgrades.

How to get the Respect and Polite Emotes in Lost Ark

Each emote is locked to a quest completion, so it’s not too bad. The Polite emote is a reward for completing the Becoming a Queen quest from Vivian in Neria’s Taven at the Luterra Castle area. 

The Becoming a Queen quest involves moving around the zone and asking various NPCs to help a certain barmaid achieve their dreams. . After meeting with Thirain, you’ll need to speak with Meehan. The quest will then send you to Anessa. Each step of the quest can be found all in the same zone. Just look around for the right NPCs and speak to them. After speaking with Anessa, you will be able to complete the quest and obtain the Polite emote, along with some currency, XP and other rewards.

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The Respect emote is a reward for completing the Ealyn’s Gift quest at level 1 in the Vern Castle zone.

This quest sees you heading to the Queen’s audience room to meet with her, as part of the various quests in Castle Vern. You get various XP bundles, some Harmony Shards and Leapstones, and even a pile of Silver for doing all of this. The zone you need to get to does take some story progress to get to. Players will also find the entrance to Chaos Dungeons in this area at level 50, so you have a good reason to head here.

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