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Forza Horizon 4 launching battle royale mode, The Eliminator

The Eliminator

So if you’re a fan of racing games, you have no doubt heard of Microsoft and Turn 10’s Forza Horizon 4. With its open-world exploration of the British countryside and dozens of beautifully rendered cars, there’s plenty to love. But what I’ll bet you didn’t think about with racing games was trying to marry them to the battle royale genre. Well Turn 10 seems to think it’s a good idea. The company has just dropped a patch that does just that. With the patch, comes a new mode called The Eliminator.

Within The Eliminator, players vie for top spot on the track out of 72 total racers. Yes, it’s pure insanity, but it is also tons of fun. Each player starts with a basic car, like a classic 1965 Mini Cooper. Driving around the course, you can find upgrades and new car unlocks that tune your ride to new levels. Players can hunt down other drivers and challenge them to quick point-to-point races. the driver that wins said race gets to stay in the game, while the loser is eliminated. Once that loser is knocked out, the winner can also take their car, assuming it’s of a higher grade than their own.

Check it out in the trailer below.

Having 72 players in the same map is just nuts. Forza is not NASCAR, and even then the American racing brand doesn’t pack that many cars onto a track. Also, the map shrinks as play progresses, adding to the tension and challenge. Frankly, this is something one would expect from a game like Wreckfest.  Still, it sounds like a cool trick to pull out to get players coming back to burn some rubber.

The developers have been pushing in tons of new content in the time since launch. Aside from new game modes like The Eliminator, there have been multiple batches of vehicles added as DLC in Forza Horizon 4. According to one leak, as many as 100 new cars are coming to the game.

Forza Horizon 4 is out now on PC and Xbox One.

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