How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid

How to heal a Deep Wound in Project Zomboid

The Zombie apocalypse won’t let up anytime soon in PZ. Project Zomboid will be constantly throwing zombies, rotting food and other challenges at you. You need to overcome these to survive. There’s no real escape, but at least you can try to make it through this living nightmare. Players will have to use all the willpower and skills that they can muster to try.

One of the core aspects of this isometric survival game is getting food and water. You won’t last long with non of those two things. You can get by without a lot of other necessities, but you need a reliable food source. That’s where things like fishing and trapping come in. And when it comes to doing these activities, you need bait. The developers have added insects as part of the system. Here’s a guide that explains how to get worms, which make for good bait.

How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid

There are a few locations you can find these bugs in containers. The odds are randomized, so it’s never guaranteed, but it’s worth checking if you’re after worms. Fridges, kitchen cabinets and a few other residential containers can have worms in them. The chances aren’t good, so don’t count on finding them all that much.

Worms may also be found among the food in the trunk of a Spiffo’s van. These are the food trucks you might find around. Crickets, as well as cockroaches can occasionally be found in generic vehicles, specifically inside the glovebox.

As for outside, there are a few more consistent ways to get worms. They can be found by digging in the dirt with a trowel, although the odds are kind of low. By using the right mouse button on a piece of dirt or grass, you will see an option to dig a furrow. That’s the fastest way, assuming you have the right tool. The other consistent way to get them is to Forage. Having a high Foraging skill is great for this.

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How to Dig For Worms in Project Zomboid

What can you use Worms in Project Zomboid for?

Worms in Project Zomboid can be used for a few different skills. The most notable use for these little pests is in getting food. Worms, along with the other insects can all be used for fishing. This new activity added in a recent patch allows the player to capture bass, catfish, crappie, perch, sunfish and trout, Each kind of fish can then be cooked and offers a good way to offset hunger.

Aside from fishing, worms in Project Zomboid can also be used in Trapping. This process is a bit more involved compared to fishing, but it’s a little more passive. Worms can be placed inside traps as bait to lure in small birds. And like fish, these can be used to cook some pretty decent food. When you want to bait a trap with a worm, build the trap first. Then, you want to right-click on the trap, select Bait, and then choose Worm. Wait a bit and see what you catch.

You can eat worms if you’re desperate, but you really shouldn’t. These are the worst food source out of the four types of insects in the game.

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