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There are dozens of BitLife achievements. Each one can be pretty insane to get. Some are fairly straightforward, while others involve a lot more work. Some of them are just dependent on RNG, while others need you to put the time in. Earning the reward is never easy. This particular challenge involves robbing a train in BitLife. The issue with that crimes are determined somewhat by RNG. So when you go to commit a crime, you don’t always get the desired outcome.

How to Commit a Train Robbery

Luckily for you, there’s a direct option for when you want to rob a train in BitLife. Head into the Activities menu, then click Crime. Scroll down until you see the Train Robbery option and push that. This will then give you a few dropdown menus to choose options from. Here’s where you can get your hands dirty. The one RNG-dependent bit here is the success of the actual heist. Sometimes, you will miss the train or it won’t show up.

The options you can pick from are: Sunrise, High Noon, 4:20PM, Sunset, and Midnight. Choose the time you wish to try and pull off the heist. Some players suspect that you can influence the success rate of the robbery by doing it later at night, but this isn’t confirmed.

There used to be a trick where you could change the time on your phone to rob trains as certain times. This trick no longer works. Do not change the time on your phone to match the time when you want to rob the train. A recent patch to BitLife has now made it so you will get run over by the train.

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You’ll need to get to about 18 years old before you can commit most crimes of this nature. The more serious the crime, the more likely you’ll go to prison as well if you get caught. So be prepared to break out of prison. Although if you’re just running this character for the achievement and plan to delete them, that’s less of an issue. You could also use this newfound criminal cred to join the mafia.

But whatever you choose to do, that’s how you rob a train in BitLife.

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