How to Get Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

Project Zomboid

There is an entire mountain of items in Project Zomboid. Players fighting back the horde of undead will find many useful widgets during their time in Knox county. As always, Project Zomboid constantly gets new items added. And with mods, there’s even more that can be added to the game. So keep in mind that these recipes and uses can and do change.

Once you wake up in the zombie apocalypse, you need to get your bearings. Being able to take stock of your supplies is good, and knowing where you are is very helpful By learning the basics of getting some needed supplies, you drastically improve your odds of survival. One of the most important items in the game is the Bandage. And to get that, you often need sheets in Project Zomboid.

How to Get Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

Sheets can be gathered from many different sources. Residential homes are usually the best places to look. The best place to look is inside containers in bedrooms. Closets, Armoires, Tables and other bedroom furniture can all have sheets. Checking box and shelves in garages can also have them, although it’s rare. They’re pretty light, so grab a few and keep them for later.

Uses for Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

The most common uses of sheets are two-fold. Most players want a steady supply of bandages. The ripped sheets can be made by simply Right-Clicking a sheet in your inventory, and then selecting Rip Sheet from the drop-down. This will give you up to 8x Ripped Sheets. These can then be used to make bandages. You can then craft a Sterilized Rag or Bandage. By combining this with a Bottle of Disinfectant (or 1x Whiskey Bottle) you can make this. You can use Garlic, Alcohol, foraged healing balms and other items to get the disinfectant.

Keep in mind that it’s possible boil water and use that to clean bandages, or to make it drinkable. These methods can be vital when trying to deal with an infection and keeping wounds clean.

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It’s also possible to combine the Ripped Sheet with a Bourbon (or an Empty Alcohol Bottle and Gas Can) to make Molotov Cocktails. These dangerous fire weapons are great for burning down hordes of zombies that are chasing you. Just be careful you don’t burn the whole city down. That’s not all you can do, there are a few things that are great for sheets as well.

How to Make a Sheet Rope

The Sheet Rope is something any survivor should always have on them. If you get trapped in an upper floor, you can use it to rappel down to the ground and avoid the lower floors. It’s also a great trick to use it to build an entrance to player-built bases that zombies can’t normally get up. In multiplayer it would give players an easy way into your base. The one thing that limits this is the Weak trait. If you have that Trait, you cannot rappel down with a Sheet Rope.

How to use a Sheet Rope

The trick is to build a multi-level wall, and then a single wall with a window in it. Once that’s built, you place a sheet rope and use that to enter and exit your base. It’s a fast and effective way to avoid letting zombies in through gates and doors.

The Sheet Rope can be combined with a Nail and made into a convenient way down from an upper floor. Go to a window and right-click it, and the option to Add Sheet Rope should appear. You need a hammer for this, but that’s not too hard to find.

And finally, you can even use the sheets as curtains. just right-click on a closed window and Add Sheet.  Once you have fixed a sheet to a window, you can open and close them just like curtains

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