How to get Monster Bone S in Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Bone S is a material in Monster Hunter Rise. Materials such as Monster Bone S are special Items that are obtained from looting the environment, completing Quests and objectives, and by carving specific Monsters. Materials are usually harvested off a Monster after completing a hunt and these are primarily used for Crafting and upgrading a hunter’s equipment.

It’s actually pretty important, despite how easy it is to get. Monster Bone S in Monster Hunter Rise is required for some particular armor and weapons and one of the Sub-Camps. It’s a very common low-rank material, and here’s how to get more of it.

How to get Monster Bone S in Monster Hunter Rise

Various low-rank quests in the 1 Star and 2 Star list reward Monster Bone S as a quest reward. The Hub Quests give it out pretty often, as do the rank three Village quests. Hit up these quests to get a good supply of the bones early on.

You can also get it from bone gathering nodes in the Shrine Ruins. Areas 3, 5, 7, 8, 11 and 13 all have bone nodes you can gather from. Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, or the Lava Caverns all also have nodes you can gather it from. Just look for the Bonepile nodes and they will be easy to find. These nodes respawn every 4-5 minutes, so long-term gathering runs is definitely an option.

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If you prefer to hunt for it, a few monsters drop it regularly. You can also loot them off the Gargwa or Great Izuchi from low-rank missions. Gargwa also has a chance to drop Monster Bone S in high-rank missions, although you won’t need it as much when you’re that far into the game.

You can choose whichever one you want to farm. Use these to help backstop your low-level farming efforts. You might even get lucky and grab something rare like Sinister Cloth. Or maybe you want some Warm Pelt.

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