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Grinding Gear Games Announces Path of Exile 2.3 “Prophecy” Challenge League

POE Ascendancy

A huge announcement for the Path of Exile community came today with the release of the plan and trailer for Path of Exile 2.3. The biggest addition is the new Prophecy Challenge League. June’s 2.3.0 Content Update marks the start of both a Standard and Hardcore version of the Prophecy Challenge League. These leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile.

The core mechanic of the League focuses around using unique Silver Coins to open up the future of you character through their Prophecy screen. This screen will display up to seven prophecies that will drastically change the game experience for an individual player. Changes created by these predictions range from unique and supremely challenging maps, to turning maps into hordes of treasure for players to harvest.

GGG also announced changes to the Labyrinth and Ascendancy classes from previous updates:

The rumours are true. There is a fourth Labyrinth, and it’s accessed through end-game maps. High level players will gradually complete difficult map versions of the Trials of Ascendancy to gain access to the Endgame Labyrinth.

This version of the Labyrinth features new puzzles and includes an entirely new type of trap.

The Endgame Labyrinth rewards you with a new tier of item Enchantment and two additional Ascendancy points. The new total of eight Ascendancy points open up entirely new build possibilities.

In this update, we’re also streamlining the Trials of Ascendancy so that you only have to complete them once on each difficulty level per league.

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As is the standard fare for new Path of Exile updates, a slew of new items, animations and enemies will also arrive in Prophecy. Interested players can check out the Prophecy trailer below or the full forum announcement.

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