Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary Promo Codes

Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary codes

The Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary event is live until July 15th. During that time, players have a new batch of challenges to complete. These challenges give out promo codes and cosmetics as rewards, but there’s a catch. As this is a community event, the goal is to play together. Players who complete community goals can earn cosmetic charms and other rewards. 500,000 Bloodpoints will also be given away during the event.

So far two Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary codes have been revealed to players. Here is the list of each code added, as well as the reward earned for redeeming it:


  • DbD Birthday Logo Charm
  • Naughty Bear Pinata Charm


  • Wraith Outfit
  • David King head customization

How to redeem Anniversary codes in Dead by Daylight

To claim codes, it’s very simple, as it works just like any other codes in Dead by Daylight. As new codes are added, there will be different rewards you can earn. You can redeem them through the Store. Look for the ‘Redeem Code’ option in the top right-hand corner of that screen.

When will more codes be added?

As the event goes on, there’s a good chance that Studio BHVR will add more promo codes. The idea seems to be that to unlock more Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary codes you need to complete various milestone challenges. At the time of writing, the current challenge is to collect 150,000 Crowns as Killers, and 300,000 Crowns as Survivors. If the community manages to hit this milestone, two things will happen. More challenges will be added, and a new code will be added to the rotation too.

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So if you want more codes, just play the game as you normally would. Crowns can be collected by finding Crown Pedestals around levels. These are random spawns, so they won’t appear in every match. Just keep your eyes open and grab them when you see them. If you complete the skill challenge associated, the medals will be added to the community total.

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