Can you save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077 during Search and Destroy?

Can you save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077?

In the second half of the “Search and Destroy” mission, there’s a swarm of enemies headed for you and you have to find a way out alive. Trouble is, Takemura has been captured after the whole meetup with Hanako goes very wrong. I won’t spoil what happens, but things don’t go well for everyone and you have to flee very quickly. Arasaka forces will be chasing you the whole time as well.

You need to fight your way back through the level and find a way out. Many players were upset when they thought they couldn’t save Takemura, and that he was doomed to die. Now, while Johnny will tell you to leave Takemura but, there is actually a way to save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077.

Here’s how to save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077

Like many of the things in this game, it’s a secret objective. If you miss it, and you will if you’re not exploring the whole level, Takemura can easily die. The trick is to go down the right path during the mission and avoid just following the waypoints.

After you fall through the floor, you will need to exit the room and look for the big blue neon cross on the wall ahead of you. Just to the left of that neon cross is a small hole in the wall bathed in red light. The waypoint will be telling you to go on ahead, ignore it and head through the hole in the wall.

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There’s a small room beyond filled with Arasaka goons, take the four of them out.  Once you’re through here, move through the room beyond, taking out the four Arasaka guards that await you. Head through the room beyond the guards into a stairwell, then head up the stairs. You will be berated by Johnny with him saying that Takemura is “beyond any sort of help”.

After this, the quest will update. You should then see a secret objective to try and save Takemura pop up on your HUD.

Be prepared for a bigger fight against more corpo goons, and take them down as fast as you can. Keep heading up the stairwell until you are back on the floor you fell from earlier in the level. Fight your way through the guards on this level as well, and you will eventually reunite with your buddy.

You then just need to escort the grumpy old man out of the building to finish the mission.

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