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Dead by Daylight is removing Leatherface masks to prevent abuse

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Leatherface masks are an iconic part of the character. The cannibal Sawyer family has a long and complicated history in film, and games have often stayed away from trying to capture. But what more perfect game to put a chainsaw-wielding maniac into than Dead by Daylight. But it seems some bad apples had to spoil the fun, the mask feature is being removed soon.

The core gameplay centers around the idea that players try to survive a magical and psychotic killer. Can you make it out? A lot of players have boiled the various abilities of the survivors and killers into a scientific meta-game.  Players in the asymmetrical multiplayer game have been overjoyed with the combination of survivor and killer abilities over the years. But all that joy has not stopped toxicity entirely.

Some abilities, like Leatherface masks, seem rife for abuse. The players who put the time into sacrificing 25 survivor players can unlock the ability to wear their faces when playing as Leatherface; which is a direct callback to the first few Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. But some players have complained, and the devs have responded.

The latest developer update from Behaviour Interactive explains that they plan to remove the mask feature in a future update. Some feel like this might be a bit of an overreaction, Behavior has made it clear about why they’re making the decision. “We will not tolerate hateful activity and will continue to take every step necessary to protect the community,” says Behaviour in the post. The reason is that some players have reportedly taken advantage of the fact that some survivors are people of color, and wear the faces to taunt other players with racist remarks or actions.

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And don’t worry if you’re affected by this. Any player who already had the feature unlocked will be compensated 6,000 Iridescent Shards as a token of thanks and apology.

Various other changes are being brought in the patch, which cooldowns and durations for various killer abilities are being adjusted. Many different abilities are being tweaked, check the update post for details. Tweaks for various perks like Buckle Up, Power Struggle, Gearhead and many more are being applied as well.

Along with that, Grade rewards are actively being reworked. “The current reward for your efforts doesn’t seem very fitting, so we will be increasing the grade rewards starting with the January 13th season, with the new rewards first going out on February 13th,” says the team.

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