Fortnite announces Chapter 3: Season 2 end event “Collision”

Fortnite Collision

Fortnite has officially announced their latest event “Collision”, including the schedule and what to expect from the event as it wraps up Chapter 3: Season 2. Epic is planning something huge and destructive, expect big changes. The narrative of Fortnite has had a very long journey, resulting in countless map changes and events, but “Collision” promises to conclude the Zero Point storyline. This is something that Epic has been building for some time, and we’re finally getting a conclusion.

The struggle between Seven forces and IO has been going for a long while, and things are looking bleak. The story is about to explode in a big way, and things are certainly going to change on the island.

When does Fortnite Collision begin?

According to a tweet with details, the Fortnite Collision event begins soon, early next month in fact.

We can be sure a lot of things are about to change, and new elements will be introduced to Fortnite. One thing for sure that we know is going away is Omni Chips. These items are unique to a certain questline, so get that done before the event launches early next month. This will be the last time we see these for a while, if ever again.

The event is centered around a unique playlist that will effectively take over the game when it debuts. Players will have a chance to enter the Collision playlist thirty minutes early, so that will give you time to get your friends together for a run.

The Collision event will start on June 4 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, but the playlist itself will open up 30 minutes prior. Additionally, if you log in on the day of the event starting at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET, you’ll receive both a loading screen and a lobby track themed around the event.

Prior to the event, Epic will disable other Fortnite playlists. All playlists — aside from the Battle Royale and Competitive playlists — will be disabled at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET. Competitive playlists will then be disabled at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET.

Collision will bring season two to a close, and season three will begin the next day on June 5. Epic confirmed the season’s start date in a blog post.

What happens to the current map and other stuff?

As with other season-ending events, any unfinished quests will disappear once Collision starts. This event will wipe the slate clean, so get anything you need to do done now, as it’s your last chance. Luckily, fans will receive an opportunity to get rid of all their Bars during another Bargain Bin Week. That’ll be available on May 31st, at 9 AM eastern time.

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