How to Become an Influencer in BitLife

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Previous challenges in the game have been pushing players to become Batman or another superhero. And in modern times, despite civilization that was supposed to have flying cars according to science fiction, we can’t be Batman. But there are more attainable dreams in modern times. More and more kids and teens are trying to make it big on social media. And despite the awkwardness that can come from that, there is a way to do it in BitLife as well. Here’s how to become an Influencer in BitLife.

How to Become an Influencer in BitLife

To become an influencer, you’re going to have to focus on building a brand on social media. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube are al platforms you can post on. Go into the Assets tab and click Social Media. You will be able to sign up once you land in High School, so it’s best to get started early. It doesn’t really matter what platforms you choose to post on, so why not post on all of them.

Choose post and you will be presented with a dropdown that offers several different types of content. You can post anything you want, but it’s usually best to stick with 1 or 2 types of content. Consistently posting the same content types each year increases your gain of followers. But the real key to success is the sudden explosions of notoriety that can happen with going viral.

Going viral seems to be entirely random, it can happen multiple times in a year, or not at all. Just keep posting content and watching out for follower drops. If you’re lucky, after a few years you will have tens of thousands of followers on multiple platforms.

Once you have gotten 100,000 followers on any of the platforms, you can start really making money. Getting to this level means you can either start promoting products, but the real goal is getting verified. Verificiation is a random chance roll as well, but it seems to work best when you have more than 250,000 followers. Keep posting and get to that point to find true success.

This is because the real success from online content and being an Influencer in BitLife is the Fame menu. Once you become famous you can do things like writing a book or doing commercials. This is how you make the more consistent money.  You might think your Looks and other stats have an impact here, but it’s a bit simpler than that. When trying to go viral, it’s more about your content. When you’re blossoming out into the life of a famous vlogger, those stats are a bit more important.

The biggest change here is when the Fame meter is introduced.  Getting the Social Media Star modifier allows you to increase your Fame through doing various actions. Keep posting viral content to keep your fame growing. Once you get to 50%, you can start doing a Photo Shoot to get paid. Other options unlock as you gain Fame. Be careful, as failing when choosing these options can lower your Fame.

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Why am I losing followers in BitLife?

The most obvious reasons for losing followers in BitLife are two-fold. You can only post so much in a year. Just like any other activity, doing something too much in a given age has diminishing returns. Just as going to the Gym a bunch won’t help increase your stats, posting on social media too much can be harmful. If you post more than 6-10 times in a year, there’s a chance you will start to lose followers. You will know this will start to happen as your regular posts no longer gain you any new followers.

And speaking of regular posts, there’s one more reason you need to keep in mind. When posting, you need to be consistent. The types fo content you create will affect the gains you get as well. Certain types of content work on some platforms better than others. TikTok does better with Dance content. instagram does better with Sexy Pics and Thirst Traps. YouTube can work with Vlogs and Challenge Videos. You will get a lot of trolls doing the thirst trap/sexy picture angle, so just ignore them whenever you see something like that. If you troll them back you risk getting your account suspended. Just keep doing your thing and posting to find success. It will take a lot of time, but you just need to get lucky.

If you do start to lose followers or notice stagnant views, just move to another platform for that year. So just keep at it and keep aging up from there.

Should I purchase followers?

Under no circumstances should you purchase followers. It always carries a chance of getting your account suspended. And sure, you can try your luck and appeal the ban, but I’ve almost never had a ban appeal work out. Having been banned for trolling as well as purchasing followers on various Lives, I’ve only been able to appeal bans a couple of times.

And for that matter, you shouldn’t troll too much either. The game models the reality of these actions pretty well, in that being disruptive or trying to game the system will get you banned. You might purchase followers and get lucky once, but fake followers do nothing for your interaction, and don’t improve your odds of going viral.

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