How Pinpoint Pitching works in MLB The Show 21

How Pinpoint Pitching works in MLB The Show 21

Pinpoint Pitching is the new pitching system in MLB The Show 21. This system is pretty hard to master, and some players are really frustrated with it. Mastering it is a huge part of being a great pitcher in the game. Here’s what to do to master the system.

After you get called up to the majors, this might be something you want to focus on more. But as you’re in the minors, the pitching is easier to deal with. The general system is very akin to skateboarding games like Skate. This is the first part of Pinpoint Pitching. The goal is to move the stick in the same highlighted motion as accurately as possible.

The speed and fluidity of the motion of the stick are key here. The more controlled your motion you do, to smoother and more effective the pitch. Moving the stick too fast or too slow will result in a wild pitch or an unstable path. Going too slow will make the pitch much slower and allow a batter to absolutely cream it.

To master Pinpoint Pitching, though, you need to pay attention to the UI. Starting the pitch at the center of the circle is a big part of doing this right. Keep your stick and the ball inside the main black and white ring while tracing the inner line inside the circle. Do it right and your pitch is going to come out fine.

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Pinpoint Pitching begins with the player targeting (and holding the left thumbstick over) the area they want to hit in the strike zone.  You then need to move the right stick directly down, up, left, or right (depending on the pitch) to begin the pitch motion. When you bring the motion around the inner ring, you need to finish the motion according to the pitch you want to throw.

The goal with this last part is to finish the pitch as close to the second ring as possible. The closer you are to the motion outlined in the UI, the more accurate the pitch. The better you do at this, the better your pitch Is in three areas. Pinpoint Pitching has a set of three pitch factors that relate to this. Here’s how to keep your pitchers on target and consistent, with how to affect each stat.

  • Speed – How fast you move toward the final flourish
  • Time – How fast you move through the whole motion
  • Direction – Whether or not you finish flush inline with the inner ring or off-center.
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