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Neverwinter VIP Program Details Released


Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced a new hybrid subscription model called the VIP program. Those who wish to subscribe can do so for 30, 60 or 180 days and will accrue a number of in-game perks. The method will hopefully boost revenue and lead to new innovations in content due to said increased revenue. There are some in the community who feel the perks offered by subscription models like this might unbalance the game and make it “Pay to Win”. Although that conclusion seems a bit drastic given the rewards in Neverwinter’s model.

Each time a player purchases a VIP pack from Zen Market (1000, 2700 or 5100 Zen), they will earn VIP points that can be used to buy ranks that unlock even more in-game perks. For instance, purchasing 90 days for 2700 Zen automatically gives players VIP rank 3, resulting in:

Per Character

  • 10% bonus to: XP/Glory/Profession XP excludes some professions.
  • VIP zone access (Moonstone Mask)
  • 15% bonus AD on daily quests in Protector’s Enclave.
  • Team buff when grouped (All members + VIP players gets +1000HP if below level 65 and +2000HP if above. This stacks for each member with VIP.
  • Instant Moonstone Mask teleport.
  • 15% bonus AD on hourly events
  • All active companions earn 20% XP (summoned earns
  • Per day (must be claimed each day, opportunity lost if not claimed.)
    • 20 level-appropriate ID scrolls
    • 1 Dungeon Delve Key
    • 1 free Enchanted Key

Per Account

  • Per day (must be claimed each day, opportunity lost if not claimed)
    • 1 free Enchanted Key

See the rest of the possible bonuses on the Neverwinter site.

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