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Gillette teams up with ACNH creators to improve representation

Gillette Announces Skinclusive Summer Line for ACNH

Gillette has teamed up with various Animal Crossing: New Horizons creators to make a new line of skins and other cosmetics free for all with one goal in mind. The Skinclusive Summer Line, as it’s called, will offer options in the Switch game for players who want to represent a wide array of physical characteristics that aren’t typically seen in video games.

The Skinclusive Summer Line will include  264 designs across 19 skin types. Each one will represent a wide array of real-world physical conditions and traits, including things like acne, prosthetics, and more for players who want them. Each item will also be compatible with various skin tones as well, adding to the customization potential.

These designs are accessible through the Custom Design Portal in the Able Sisters shop, assuming the player has an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

“Every woman deserves to feel represented and beautiful in her own skin. Everywhere,” said the company in the announcement. “Which is why we created our NEW Animal Crossing Fashion Line designed for players who want to replicate the look of their IRL skin within the game.”

Nicole Cuddihy, also known as acnhfashion on Twitter, is helping lead the effort and promoting it. As she explains it, these kind of things should be an option in games beyond the typical combat-focused titles. “While momentum for diversity in design is building, there are many areas where progress feels slow,” explained Cuddihy. “Why can I add scars and wrinkles to elven warriors or outlaws, but not characters in less combat-driven games? This lookbook aims to counter those conventions.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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