How to get called to the majors in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21

How to get called to the majors in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21

Getting called to the majors in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21 is the big step you take into the real major league part of your career. After all the work getting picked up in the minors and grinding your way through the early part of you career, you’re finally ready to get your teeth into the real meat of the game in MLB The Show 21.

When picking a team to play for, there are considerations to be made. If the major league roster of the team you want to play for Is already loaded up with superstar players, it will be much harder to get called up. That means you may have to consider playing to an open position if you want to make that team. Alternatively, you could choose another club.

As you play through the team’s AA minors of the roster you get drafted into, you will need to be cognizant of your future choices. A big part of progression with your team is the interviews that you occasionally take with team leadership. You will be asked various questions during these interviews that determine how the team handles you. Each time you get hit with these questions, you need to pick the right answers.

Aside from that, stats is the most important part. Getting your ballplayer to have a  decent OVR score is a big part of getting called up. Here’s what to do.

How to get called to the majors in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21

A big part of getting called to the majors is upgrading your character. Your OVR score is a big factor in how attractive your player is to various teams. And when you’re playing in the minors, you need to be focused on getting that score up as high as possible. Archetype Programs are a key part of doing this, The more you complete of these Programs, the more the fans and clubs both like you. Each Program has a set of assigned tasks attached, which can be checked through “View Program” in the Loadout menu.

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Generally, you want to spend your time focusing here to unlock perks and skill upgrades to make yourself a better player. You can also unlock upgrades and perks through Diamond Dynasty too.

The problem is, the system for getting called to the majors in Road to the Show is kind of unclear. We don’t know how high a ballplayer’s OVR needs to be before getting called up, so it’s a matter of testing things out and hoping. You just need to play well to do well. Making good contact with pitches and fielding the ball well will help a lot. When you see that green plus sign during games, you know you earned progress in the relevant stat. Also, occasionally throughout a game, you may be given a challenge. If you succeed and complete it, you will earn more progress.

Finally, be aware the simulating games does not earn stat increases, you have to actually play the games, as the stats of your OVR score as somewhat dependant on your skill at the actual gameplay more than just statistical averages.

MLB The Show 21 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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