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GameMaker and all modules are $15 in new Humble Bundle


The newest Humble Bundle is out and it’s the stuff of a wannabe game developers dreams. If you have a great idea for a game, and the only thing keeping you from realizing it is deciding what software suite to use, allow the GameMaker Bundle to make the choice easier.

The set will cost you $15.00 USD. Which will get you GameMaker Studio Pro, an HTML5 module, Android module, iOS module, and Windows UWP modules. All the modules, basically. Plus a bunch of made-in-GameMaker titles (and various source codes) for you to deconstruct and analyse. The usual price for all of this would be close to two grand.

And yes, Unity is a far superior and popular choice, but Unity is also incredibly complex. GameMaker Studio is built well enough that with an interesting bit of design work, you too can create a knockout hit. Games like Undertale and Hotline Miami were created using GameMaker after all.

Check out a video showreel for GameMaker below!

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