How to practice Gymnastics in BitLife

How to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

For the new Harley Quinn challenge, you need to complete certain side activities in BitLife. CandyWriter has enabled a new challenge this weekend in their mobile sim, BitLife. To combine with the previous Joker challenge from a while back, we’re now getting to become Harley Quinn and go mad. There There are many other steps as well, but you need to put some work into the body, as well as your mind. But before you can rob a bank, you need to get in shape. Here’s how to practice Gymnastics in BitLife.

How to practice Gymnastics in BitLife

You will need to be a female character for the challenge, so pick that first. Once you get through the character creation, make sure to pick a special talent that will not decrease your athleticism. That will help you a bit later. During your early time in school, focus on getting good grades and doing some physical activities. Keeping your stats up during Middle School and into High School can help you get onto the Gymnastics team.

Just keep working out and being active and age up into High School. As long as you have high Athleticism and Health scores, it should be easy to get the event to fire. The best way to get it to go off is to have a bunch of friends. If you have friends in Middle and High School, you can get a good chance that one will also join the team. When a friend gets recruited, the chance to join and practice Gymnastics in BitLife goes up. The now downside is that if the event doesn’t trigger, you will need to make a new character and try again. Since you only can do this in High or Middle School, you can miss out on the chance.

When the event kicks off you will be able to join the team and practice. When you try out, you need to have high Athleticism and Health to get into the team. Assuming you get onto the team, you will have to practice a lot. Use the Activities menu and scroll down to look for the School option. In that sub-menu, look for the Gymnastics option to begin.

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The ability to practice Gymnastics in BitLife is now ready to go.

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