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Raiders of the Broken Planet relaunching under free-to-play and a new title

Spacelords going free to play

MercurySteam, the Spanish indie devs behind shooter/brawler Raiders of the Broken Planet will relaunch the game as “Spacelords”. According to their other statements, the game will be free-to-play after the change as well.

The team has released a new video discussing the decision to switch to F2P, and how these and other changes will affect gameplay. Lead Designer Joan Amat and Community Manager Karen Hernández primarily discuss how the team is revamping the reward and progressions systems to achieve and better engagement balance with new and old players alike.

The older videos the team has put out, which you can also find below, talk about separate but related topics.

One video discusses how all core content will now be free and unlockable just through playing the game. There’s also some discussion of how the game will monetize and market itself to users. And if you already invested money into  Raiders of the Broken Planet, there will be reimbursements.

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The other video talks all about why the studio has decided to rebrand Raiders of the Broken Planet into Spacelords. It’s a pretty interesting insight into the minds of the devs. And could even serve as an idea for other game developers about how they should think about the issue should they face a similar problem.

MercurySteam have released a treasure trove of trailers for the changeover to Spacelords, you can check those out below. Spacelords becomes free to play on August 23rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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