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New mini-events coming to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a pretty great looter-shooter. The process of farming loot from a mountain of the corpses of your enemies is tons of fun. Getting that shiny new gun or piece of armor can be kind of frustrating though, thanks to the mess of randomness that’s inherent in these loot systems. Players have to often grind a fair bit to get the gear they want, and it’s annoying. That’s where boosted drop chances make things a lot more fun, and that’s what this post is ultimately about.

Announced today, is the first batch of in-game events for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The game has been pretty fun so far, but it could always use a shakeup. There are three new mini-events coming, each one affecting a certain area of the game with more loot.

While none of these upcoming events are full-scale DLC, they’ll shake the game up enough to offer something new and exciting. Gamers should find plenty of other stuff to do as they wait for more deep content to be added.

The new events are planned to debut over the course of the next two months. Every few weeks, a new set of events and attached rewards will come out. The first bundle is called “Armor Up!” and it runs from May 19 to June 1. During this time the armor drops are more common across the board, with higher chances for powerful class mods also being more common on that armor.

This leads into the “Blinged-Out Badasses” event stating on June 2. This particular drop rate boost will see Badass bosses giving more cosmetics and other loot. It also costss less to do runs on Chaos Chamber Elite. Vendors will also see more cosmetics in stock.

The final planned event is called “Crystalline Chaos” and it’s a big one. The event runs from June 16-29, and will give a flat drop boost to the Chaos Chamber for Crystals, a super-rare drop.

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