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Warframe Guide – The bullet jump in Warframe


The bullet jump in Warframe is a particularly beautiful innovation from developers Digital Extremes. The original movement systems in the earlier versions of the free-to-play game were rather restrictive, with exploits like “coptering” being a common workaround by players. With the advent of the Parkour style system we have now, the bullet jump in Warframe became a common thing. So just what the heck is it?

Bullet Jumping is basically the process of using a series of specifically timed jump commands to move across the game world much faster compared to simple sprints. And since you’re playing a space ninja, it makes sense that you would be able to use this system to run, jump, slide, wall run, wall hang and flip all over the place.

The basic process is done on any version of Warframe, and it works the same on any platform. The basic process is a jump-slide-jump-slide process that you can technically repeat infinitely. By stringing these inputs together you can flip your way through an entire level with ease. The best use of the bullet jump is to do it while moving. If you run, then hit crouch to slide, and hit jump again, you will bullet jump directly forward. Round this out with another jump to do a front flip. You can slid again to keep the chain going after this.

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There are of course some other inputs that can be used as well. For example, there’s the slow-motion aim glide. By holding down the aim key while jumping through the air, best done after a bullet jump combo, your character will aim down the sights of their equipped weapon and you can shoot enemies in the air. The real usefulness of this technique is that you can travel long distances through the air, much longer than you would normally be able to with regular bullet jumps.

Also, the system can also be used to reach new heights, literally. Aim the camera up and hold down the slide button while jumping, this will catapult your Warframe upward from a standing position.

Warframe is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. If you want to give this game a try, use our referral link and you will get a 7-day Affinity booster that will give you extra experience, making it easier to unlock the potential of your weapons and Warframes.

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