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Black Desert 2nd Anniversary Showcases Upcoming Content

Black Desert Online

With the popular MMO, Black Desert Online, it seems that there’s no end in sight to the juggernaut that is the games popularity and hype. As the game is being prepared for it’s release in China and on mobile platforms, Pearl Abyss has released new details about the future of
BDO in a GM’s Note.

The original Korean release can be found here. has published a translated version.

The note is extensive and features a lot of historical and contemporary insight into the development of BDO. The Gm Note mostly focuses on upcoming additions to the game, like seasonal features being permanently added to the main game instead of having limited availability. A new AFK leveling system has been announced as well. With this system you can purchase a voucher from a blacksmith and interact with a training dummy in a certain location. The character starts practicing on the training dummy and you can gain experience while AFK. The experience gain will be less than grinding.

Pearl Abyss plan to extend a lot of functionality in upcoming releases of BDO. Revamps of the existing Enchanting and tutorial systems within the game are on the way, much to the delight of some players. The Note also acknowledges that class balance needs more work, although details on how this will be accomplished are pretty light in this update.

New Tutorial System

Players feel the current tutorial system is insufficient so we will be adding a new tutorial system. The Black Spirit will help you with grinding/combat and eventually we are hoping it will guide you through fishing, cooking and alchemy.


Enchanting is an important game of the game and we recognize that it can bring frustration and despair to many players. We are adding some new items to help players. These items have high AP/DP but cannot be enchanted. We hope these items will help players before they get the hang of enchanting.

One of the larger takaeaways here is the introduction of a new ocean-based boss. The Kraken-link Bell is getting ready to harass players on the seas of BDO.

Bell is a new sea monster we are adding. You will need a group of players with powerful ships like the Epheria Saiilboat or the new Epheria Convoy. Cannons and hunting rifles will be used to hunt it down. Players that defeat Bell will have a shot at Bell’s heart, the best alchemy stone in game.

Check out the trailer for Bell below:

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