How to get RDO New Year’s Bonuses

How to complete the Carmela Montez bounty in Red Dead Online

So with the conclusion of the hell year that was 2020, there’s some good news to be had. If you’re a gamer and a fan of Red Dead Online, there’s some more good news beyond being past 2020 as well. Rockstar has seen fit to hand out some special rewards to Red Dead Online players. From now until January 11, players can take advantage of a variety of RDO New Year’s Bonuses. Here’s a rundown of what you can get and where.

To get the first reward, you need to speak to Old Man Jones, south of Armadillo. He will give you a reward that would normally cost some Gold Bars. You can ask him for an Honor Reset for starters, if you want a new start in the new year. Now, you can choose to begin a new life of crime or salvation with that same character you’ve had for years. This would normally either cost money or take a fair amount of grinding, so it’s nice to get a free one.

You can also claim a free XP boost from Jessica LeClerk once you complete the Land of Opportunities questline. You do that, and you get a nice chunk of XP on top of a few other things. it breaks down to triple XP above normal for a short time.

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Keep in mind that you don’t need to have both the full game and RDO installed, as Rockstar has seen fit to separate Red Dead Online from the singleplayer game. That was done to cut down on install sizes, thankfully. The base game comes in at over 100 GB, so it makes sense to parcel it out.

You can also boost your money gains by taking advantage of the discounts from Naturalist and Collector roles, as these give an extra 50% and 30% cash, respectively.

Finally, drinks are free at any online saloon and the barber can give you a free hairdo if you want it.

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