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Capcom releases 20-minute gameplay footage of Dante

Devil May Cry 5

Following Tokyo Game Show 2018, Capcom is looking to capitalize on the hype generated from the convention to hawk the upcoming action title, Devil May Cry 5.

So that’s why we have a lengthy gameplay showcase showing Dante in various dangerous situations, most of which he blasts his way out of.

We see a fair amount of gameplay, and plenty of variance in terms of gameplay types too, during the course of this showcase. As fans would expect, Dante takes center stage as he blasts through legions of underworld denizens. We see some combat footage, as well as some footage of a boss fight with a ghoulish knight, but there’s some other elements in there too. Puzzle-solving and exploration get a little tease in this footage.

Dante’s new weapons, like the dual-blade motorcycle swords, just crave the enemies to ribbons, and it’s joyful to watch. DMC fans should enjoy this game quite a bit assuming this footage is indicative of the final game.

All in all, the game looks like it’s coming along nicely. Both in terms of graphical and technical prowess, as well as overall polish. It’s looking pretty good. Which is probably why Capcom wants to show off Devil May Cry 5.

In other news, the game did add microtransactions for in-game upgrades, to the chagrin of many gamers. But it’s not all bad news, because Capcom is including some cool crossover content, like the iconic weapon the Mega Buster.

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Devil May Cry 5 is currently scheduled to release on March 8, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the newest gameplay footage for the upcoming action game down below.

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