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Where to Farm Neurodes in Warframe (2021)

Warframe Guide: Best Way to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

The reality with Warframe is that it takes a ton of farming and effort to gather all of weapons, Warframes and other goodies you need to be super competitive in this game. Digital Extremes has built so many mechanics into the game at this point that it’s just a major pain for new players to figure out when and where to farm all of the resources they need to build the gear they want. Our Warframe guides were kicked off to help with this. Our latest guide will focus on one of the rarest drops in the game, Neurodes in Warframe.

A lot of guides will recommend that either Orokin Derelict Defense and Survival missions, or the same mission types on Eris, are good places to farm Neurodes in Warframe. This is in fact COMPLETELY UNTRUE. These mission types will yield only 1-4 Neurodes every 30 minutes or longer. This is terrible advice compared to other ways to farm the items.

Best Place to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

There is some truth to heading for Orokin Derelict to farm Neurodes in Warframe though. The Assassination (Lephantis) is one of the easiest ways to acquire Neurodes, generating 1-2 average every run, this is pretty good return once you get the blitz gameplay down pat for the mission. Bringing a group can also make this quicker if you have good players who can DPS the boss down quickly enough. The only thing that sucks is that the Derelict Assassination Keys can only be created once every hour, which limits the speed at which you can farm.

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You can also farm the Neurodes from the following nodes, make sure to use your resource extractors on these planets:

  • Earth
  • Eris
  • Lua

Neuroptic Masses can also be found on the Plains of Eidolon, although they are very rare spawns, so it is best to be on the lookout for these spawns while doing Hunting or Mining runs.

Farming is made a fair bit easier with a Nekros build, or even better, a Nekros Prime that’s tuned for group or solo farming. Farming in this game is so much easier with a  good group and a hardcore Nekros build. Nekros Prime is out of the Prime Vault now, so if you’re getting serious about farming and don’t want to hope that it comes out of the Vault in the future, grab it while it’s still on sale.

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