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What can you do with food and drink in Cyberpunk 2077?

How do Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 work?

During the story of Cyberpunk 2077 players will notice a lot of mechanics and moving parts to the game. The systems might seem overwhelming to some, as some gamers don’t want to get bogged down in nonsense. But worry not, as CD PROJEKT RED has made it clear that this depth won’t be too insane.

During a recent developer Q&A the developer released some more details about the game. The video detailed some interesting story tidbits and other elements of the new game. The major part of the video details how the player will prepare for battle and the various challenges they will encounter, including with food and drink in Cyberpunk 2077.

The main character, V, will be jumping through a lot of hoops while playing the game. Those challenges can be helped out by taking advantage of the bonuses food and drink give you. A solid meal or healthy drink can help you overcome some tough bosses, or even be helpful in tougher quests. Senior quest designer Philipp Weber discussed how these mechanics would work and ensured players did not have to stop at shops to get into the system, as the idea is about making the thing more accessible. There’s also no hunger or thirst to manage. The mechanics are all about getting into the world as a whole, not being bogged down with meaningless junk.

In short, during breaks in the action, V can kick back for a nice drink at the bar. This could also lead to some unique sidequests and other content, you’ll just have to dig into the game to find out. It has been made clear though that there won’t be elements of the food and drink in the game that are required. Since you won’t have to managed thirst meters, it seems like it’s mostly an optional boost for tough fights, or maybe a story-related thing at times.

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Cyberpunk 2077 - How To Eat And Drink Items

How to drink or eat food in Cyberpunk 2077

You can pick up or buy various food and drink items in the game. Any item that can be picked up will have an interaction prompt over it. Once it’s picked up, the item can either be used right away, or more often than not it will go into your inventory. To find free items, look around bars and trash cans, they seem to spawn there most often. Otherwise, you have to buy it from the various vendors and vending machines around Night City.

When you want to use an item, head to the Consumables tab in your inventory. You can then hover over any item and see its stats. Each item has an impact and duration for that impact. Some will give you healing effects or a speed boost, others can be used to give you resistances for a short time.

As for what bonuses, it’s kind of hard to say, but some examples have been provided. Players could get a bonus to hacking stats or a boost to XP generation during fights. A handful of items have been teased as well via screenshots and the like, but their stat effects have not been revealed. So far four drinks have been mined out in this manner:

  • Cirrus Mix
  • Spunky Monkey
  • Abydos
  • Nicola
  • Nicola Sakura
  • and so many more. . .

Check out the video below to get the full batch of details about the systems in the game, and how they might look on launch.


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