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Magic: Legends shows off combat in new trailer

Magic: Legends

Wizards of the Coast and Cryptic Studios have partnered with Perfect World Entertainment to release a new MMORPG, Magic: Legends, based on the iconic and legendarily awesome CCG Magic: The Gathering. According to the reveal, players will be placed into the role of a Planeswalker. And yes that means you’re going to be wielding a massive amount of magical power. And building off of the success of Magic The Gathering Arena, players are hungry for more and more MTG action.

The Planeswalkers are a mystical force of spellcasters that have the ability to not only jump between dimensions, but are also nearly omniscient. In Magic: The Gathering lore, there are actually multiple generations, and it’s this later generation is where players land in Magic: Legends. So while you won’t have access to a treasure trove of dimension-hopping and world-altering powers, players will be able to warp the elemental forces into powerful summons and spells to do battle with their foes.

There’s no release date or any other information about Magic: Legends yet. Just a message on the game’s official site that says it’s coming soon. You can also sign up for the beta on the site. Check out the trailer below for the game.

Everyone involved with the project had something to add about the prospect of developing a game based on the best card game out there.

Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment, said:

“It’s an incredible time to be a Magic: The Gathering fan. As huge fans ourselves, we are excited to once again collaborate with Wizards of the Coast. With its rich, immersive worlds and satisfying spellcasting system, Magic creates the perfect setting for an MMO action RPG spun into an epic fantasy adventure that players will want to continue exploring for years to come.”

Eugene Evans, Wizards of the Coast Vice President of Business Development, added:

“We continue to expand the Magic: The Gathering multiverse, bringing our passionate fans unique, immersive Magic experiences across their favorite entertainment platforms. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios’ Magic: Legends immerses fans into the Magic multiverse as a Planeswalker – a multiverse that continues to develop through Magic: The Gathering, Arena, novels and upcoming Netflix animated series.”

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