How to Request a Transfer in FIFA 22 Career Mode

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FIFA 22 Career Mode has a lot of depth to it. Players will be able to build up the next superstar football phenom, and take them to the championship. This quest can take many hours, but it can eventually be completed. Once you have learned all there is to learn, things get a lot easier. And when you’ve managed to achieve the big goal, things can get boring. Sometimes you just want to get on a new team for a new start. Use this guide to learn how to get a transfer in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

To actually get a transfer, you have to request one with your current team. When you put in a request, you will have to wait for other teams to pick it up. There’s usually a delay, so you want to time your request at the right time. Handing in a request towards the end of a calendar year is the best option, so try to hand in any request around December. The last thing you want is to have your request accepted but still have to play games with your old team. Since the trade deadline on January 31st cuts off any transfers in FIFA 22 Career Mode, you need to get requests in before then.

How to Request a Transfer in FIFA 22 Career Mode

To get started, press R1/RB to get into the My Pro tab. Scroll down and click the My Actions button to open up the next screen. From this menu you will see various career options you can pick from. Select the option to request a transfer to get started. When you pick this button, the team you’re playing with has to approve it.

Don’t be upset if you get rejected for some requests. Teams will often push back on a transfer for a player they want to keep. This usually means that players having a good season will be less likely to have their transfer approved.  If you have a  good reputation with your current club, they seem to be less likely to let you transfer out.

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The status updates for each request are seen in your inbox. Once your request is accepted, you’ll start receiving offers there too. When you find one that you want to examine, hit X/A to view the offer right from the inbox.

The biggest downside to this system in this game is that you can’t pick the teams you want to transfer to. If you have a particular club in mind, you just have to hope they pick up your request and make an offer.

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