New Neverwinter Expansion Announced, Includes Dungeon Overhaul


Neverwinter players looking to delve even further into the Underdark will be happy to hear about the ninth expansion called “The Maze Engine”. Players will continue to travel alongside iconic characters including Drizzt Do’Urden and will be taking the fight to Baphomet and Orcus.

The Maze Engine will launch for PC in the spring with the XBox One version to hit live service at a later date.

The ninth expansion to Neverwinter also sees the return of five dungeons that have been reworked to offer more content as players push towards to level 70 cap. Castle Never, one of the hardest dungeons previously in the game, has received a massive overhaul as Orcus has taken over following Valindra’s exodus. Neverwinter: The Maze Engine will also bring new gameplay updates, including a new campaign, The Stable – a system that gives further customization to mounts – and an improved queue system.

The ninth expansion will also include revamps of some of Newverwinters older content. Some of the older dungeons will be updated for group sizes of three, as well as a new scaling system that adapts to the level of the group. Reaching max level under this new system will also unlock tiered “Epic” versions with new rewards.

Check out the full blog on the Neverwinter site.

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