How to become a psychiatrist in BitLife

How to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

CandyWriter has enabled a new challenge this weekend in their mobile sim, BitLife.  Along with other DC Comics-themed challenges, there’s a new Harley Quinn event going on. To complete the Harley Quinn Challenge, you will need to do a variety of different tasks. Your tasks will include practicing gymnastics, working as a Psychiatrist, robbing a bank, and escaping from prison. Here’s how to become a psychiatrist in BitLife.

When you want to become a psychiatrist, you need to focus on your grades. Because you’re aiming to get into Medical School, you need pretty high smarts. You will want to spend a lot of your time studying to get that intellect up. From there, if you’re doing the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife, you also want to get your physical health up too.

You need to get into University and get a Nursing degree for a start, you can also aim for a psychology, chemistry, or biology degree. That will allow you to pivot into Med School next. This all means you want to spend as much time reading and studying as you can. Keep those visits to the library coming.

From there, you will want to head from that major into Grad School via Medical School. That’s going to take a lot of time, but you have to do it. You will have to spend four years in the first part, and then a few more years to get the medical degree. This means that you just have to study more and keep those smarts stats growing.

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Once you complete medical school and graduate, you can grab the Jr. Psychiatrist role from the Jobs menu. Work at the job for a few years and get the promotion to a full Psychiatrist.

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