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Here are the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo

Here are the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo

Capcom announced the new Amiibo during the Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event on January 7, 2021. The event was supposed to precede the launch of the new demo, but that’s been pushed to tomorrow.

Each amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise will be able to be scanned in to claim various rewards. Each of the three can be scanned with the Switch NFC sensor to claim various types of layered armor and other items. The Palamute will include in-game armor for your companions. That’s joined by the Palico amiibo, which offers a similar item when scanned. You can use these to change the style of your gear to make things much more personal.

Layered armor is a cool cosmetic skin that doesn’t offer armor skills like normal armor, but allows you to standardize the look of your character. That’s because normally the best sets look really confused and mixed up. Layered armor is a good way of avoiding that.

Magnamalo’s amiibo is a bit different though. The Magnamalo’s amiibo is based on the massive boss for the game, offering a major challenge, even for veteran hunters. Magnamalo amiibos will give you a special armor set for your actual character.

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Where to get the new amiibo

The Palamute, Palico, and Magnamalo amiibo are all exclusively sold through Gamestop. There’s no set of the three together, but there is one way to get the special Magnamalo amiibo. That one will be sold along with the Collector’s Edition of Monster Hunter Rise. The full game releases on March 26.

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