How to complete Combat Patrols in Destiny 2

Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2

Combat Patrols in Destiny 2 are a new type of quest elements that give players unique rewards in exchange for completing a more difficult variant of the Patrol Missions. Patrol missions in this game are found in all playable areas of the game, from Titan to Mars, to the Dreaming City. Combat Patrols in Destiny 2 will have you taking on a certain variety or volume of enemies, rather than a set target.

This week, Combat Patrols in Destiny 2 will see players taking out a certain amount of enemies. Find the marker out in the game world to begin killing enemies to complete it. You will always need to remain nearby to the area where the targets spawn for kills to count, so don’t leave the area once the task is underway.

You will know you’re dealing with one of these bounties when you find their special marker in the game world. The symbol looks like a small diamond with four quadrants surrounding it. Head for this marker when you spot it to take on the quest target.

There are of course many other types of bounties in this game, Bungie just pushed out the weekly bounty reset, bringing a new Wanted bounty to the board. Head over to Spider on the Tangled Shore to see what’s up with that.

The Guardian Games has also added a new quest target for earning more points, the Neutralize Hostiles bounty, which asks the player to finish three Combat Patrols to complete the task. The Neutralize Hostiles bounty can be knocked out pretty easily, so take it on when you get the chance.

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