How to get a basketball MVP award in BitLife

How to get into the sports hall of fame in BitLife

The new challenge is live this week in BitLife. There are multiple parts of this new challenge that are reliant on luck. You need to focus on having a very successful sports career in BitLife for this to work. The new challenge is called the Mamba challenge, and the idea is to become a phenom on the basketball court. It’s going to take a lot of luck to complete this one though. One of the many RNG-related tasks is to earn at least one basketball MVP award in BitLife. Here’s what to do.

How to earn a basketball MVP award in BitLife

The awards and prizes for each season of play are handed out when you age up. Everything gets calculated based off a few stats. The stats that matter are:

  • The quality of your team
  • Your personal Greatness score
  • Your own Health stat
  • How much time you put into the team

To stack these stats in your favor is actually pretty easy. For the most part, just keep in the best possible shape. Go to the gym and on long walks multiple times a year. Go to the doctor at least once, as well as anytime you get a disease. Also, go on a diet. Doing all these things will increase your personal stats to their highest levels.

The final thing to consider is your team and the effort you put in. The occupation tab has a special option to put more time into your career. Doing this will raise your performance rating. Fill the bar to green and keep it there. The more time you put in, the more likely you are to get a basketball MVP award in BitLife. The same is true for any other team sport too.

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You can view your character’s greatness stat by visiting the Occupation tab. Keep that rating above 90% by being healthy and playing well. This will increase the odds that things land in your favor.

Trouble is, the event is still entirely random. There’s no way to guarantee that you’re getting the event each year. You only need to earn it a certain number of times for the new challenge, so it’s not too bad. Just keep aging up and putting work in to make the odds better. You want to increase your character’s greatness bar to at least 90% and keep it there as much as possible.

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