How to win a championship in a sport in BitLife

How to win a basketball championship in BitLife

The new challenge is live this week in BitLife. There are multiple parts of this new challenge that are reliant on luck. You need to focus on having a very successful sports career in BitLife for this to work. But as long as you put the time in, you should be fine. The new Mamba challenge involves a bunch of different tasks for sports fans out there. One thing you need to do is win a basketball championship. Here’s what to do.

As a professional athlete in BitLife, you have a lot to worry about. When playing a team sport, you need to be a big part of the success of your team. Some sports are harder to succeed in than others. When you want to win a basketball championship in BitLife, that’s counts for double. The event is randomized, but the best thing you can do is prepare.

When you finally get the option to age up after college, go for a pro team in your chosen sport. You can also try out via the Special Career menu and select a team from there.

You should be presented with a window that describes how good the team you’re trying out for actually is. When you pick a team to win a basketball championship in BitLife, you need to pick a good one. These championships are dependent on the overall skill of your team. So you need to account for that. Your own personal scores can weigh things in your favor, but luck has to make up for any gaps. So to save time, just try out and play for teams that are good.

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Every time you age up, you should see the results of that championship run. If you don’t like the result, close the app and try again. You can also use the paid time travel and go back a year if you really want to. Sometimes the app close doesn’t work right.

As long as you get lucky with RNG,  and keep putting effort in, the event should fire.

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