How to Raid in Rimworld Ideology

Rimworld Raids

Rimworld Ideology is here, bringing a huge update to the classic colony sim. The new expansion adds a full ideology system that allows you to build your own religion, and defines your playstyle according to that governing creed. The idea is that once you pick a starting ideology, called an ideoligion, and then you unlock certain new mechanics.

One of the many different features of the ideoligion system is one called raiding. In pre-patched versions of the game, only NPCs could raid, and player settlements were the most commonly seen target. Sure, other NPC settlements would get attacked, but most players didn’t really notice this going on unless they paid close attention to the map of the in-game world. With this new system, you can pick certain starting ideoligion, but if you want to be a raider you need to pick the right ideology.

How to Raid in Rimworld Ideology

You can pick from a preset to give your colony the raiding option, but the real fun is making your own truly unique worldview. Make sure to pick one that has the Raider element if you want to do this. If you want to make your own Ideology, start by making a custom one. You can make either a fluid or static one.

You begin by choosing a structure, which defines the later options within your beliefs. Each structure will also unlock unique buildings and other items for your colony. You must then choose your starting meme. This is the foundational identity of your colony, and will clearly define who they interact with the world. You may also define your religion’s look by choosing custom precepts. You can define the kinds of clothes your colonists wear, as well as the labors they are encouraged to perform. Use the Add Precept button to make these selections.

The Precepts you pick will also allow your colonists to take on certain specializations. For example, the Animal Personhood Precept will unlock an animals specialist job.

How to Raid in Rimworld


If you choose the Raider meme, you’re going to want to bring a ton of weapons and meds along with your starting colonists. Being able to arm and heal your raiders properly will be key to an effective Raid in Rimworld Ideology. The overall idea is that you need to constantly send out raiding parties as caravans to hostile factions. If you don’t do this regularly, your colonists will take a severely negative moodlet. The lack of raiding penalty will apply a massive -18 to mood if it sticks around. Having that go off too often will wreck your colony.

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When you have armed colonists that need to go on a Raid in Rimworld Ideology, you need to make them into a Caravan. Do this by clicking the World tab at the bottom of the screen. Choose your destination, then choose Form a Caravan. You can then send a Caravan to the location to trade with it, or attack it. Attacking a settlement will spawn a manual battle with the inhabitants of that location. Be warned, spaned settlements aren’t to be taken lightly, they can have advanced defenses that would be way too hard for early-game raids to take down.

Be sure to give a pack animal or two to your raiding party. This will allow them to send enough food and medicine with the raiders to keep them alive on the way to their target. Use corn, pemmican or later survival meals so your food doesn’t spoil so quickly.

Also, it will help them carry back any loot. Raiding party size and composition is important. Taking over other settlements will require large raiding parties, often of 10 or more pawns. And not only that, but they need good weapons and armor as well to stand a chance in combat. Be sure to check the location on the map you plan to raid by zooming in. Each dot within that settlement is an enemy pawn, so bring enough firepower to counteract their numbers.

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