Null Sec Alliance Drama

D00M merges with Burning Napalm


Just a moment ago, Vince Draken, CEO of Northern Coalition made the announcement his corp, D00M., is merging with Burning Napalm.

From: Vince Draken

Sent: 2014.12.05 21:29

To: Northern Coalition.,
Good Evening D00M.
It is with regreat over the last few months it has come to be more evident that we as a corp do not have the leadership activity to properly run D00M. in the way it needs to be. Eve is a social game and we feel that we are at a point that things need to change. It has been a great run over the years but the time has come to put the horse out to pasture. D00M. will be going into hibernation and active members are being merged into Sm3ll. If you have any questions mail me (quesa).
I will be following you all over to SM3LL so i hope everyone thats stuck by me for the past 5 years leading this corp will understand why im doing this.
My attention needs to be on the Alliance i dont have time for both nothing will change over there other than its Whites name above the door and he and his team will provide you all with a better online experience.
Please make sure you take care in transfering corps and remember you DONT need to drop corp to do this once your roles are gone just apply to SM3LL.
D00M will not be leaving NC. and for now will remain in hibernation and used for “other” tasks.
Thank you all for your support


D00M. was formed in 2005 by a player called Darknesss who we know from his third party services. Years later, Vince Draken took over and formed Northern Coalition. Check out this page for more information on NCDOT and DOOM.

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