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Yet another massive battle in WH Space (J150020)

Scope Drifter Wormhole

It’s that time again, another EVE Online battle that saw billions of ISK worth of spaceships destroyed. This time two massive wormhole groups duke it out.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, HK, QEX, and other regular fixtures of wormhole shenanigans were involved in a fight which destroyed over 130 Billion ISK.  With the loss of 54 T3,s and multiple dreads and carriers means that HK and their allies had taken quite a heavy hit.

From what I could see HK had spent most of the previous days RF’ing towers in holes to secure a foothold in a certain area of WH space.  Along with the obvious intent of trying to find some fights.  And targeted the home system of NOHO close to DT.

To quote reddit user NoobmanHK:


Man talk about adrenaline.They logged and landed all around us. I burned downed a Moros with my 2 dreads. Over heating guns and reps. Died with both. Then logged in Noobman. Warped down to ForgetmyFace and started blaring primaries. I was switching fast as shit trying to wear their triage pilots out. Managed to snag a couple T3’s kills under idk how many triage. Everyone one was dying around me.
Was fun
Way to catch us with our pants down after spending 7 hours Rf’ing 57 towers. haha our dudes were just about to go to bed.

The primary opposition against HK and it’s allies was NOHO, being a quite well known WH alliance were able to deal quite the blow to HK.  Although given the jovial attitudes about the fight from those involved, the losses were well worth the fun.

Over the past few weeks, No Holes Barred had held suspicions of hostiles moving capitals into their wormhole, with the disappearance of wormholes at inopportune times, and directional scans that showed dreads on long range occasionally, but could not fully pin their suspicions down. Yet, on Friday at approximitely 04:16 server time, the veil was lifted, revealing that the groups E X P L O S I O N, Lazerhawks, and Hard Knocks as well had built up a sizable capital presence inside of the hole without NoHo realizing it, and began to lay siege to the entire system. The size of their forces was around a hundred and twenty five subcaps, with the primary purpose of maintaining of hole control, and eighteen capitals as well, mostly dreads and the like.

NoHo, who had barely fourteen people on at the time, chose to draw first blood by using Tornados to quickly pop a hostile Tengu before getting down to business, evacuating assets out of the POSes into external containers over the course of a few hours. Within seven hours, they had completed their initial goal of safeguarding their assets, during which, the hostile forces had been working steadily on reinforcing the dozens of POSes that had locked down the moons in the system. Also during this time, the dread group had split into two entities to better coordinate and reinforce the POSes around system while sixty of the subcaps maintained hole control. The NoHo capital and subcapital group under the command of Faye Fantastic and Sibasomos, sensing an opportunity, made the decision to utilize buffer fit dreadnaughts and go in to engage the targets.

No Holes Barred warped their capitals into the hostile fleet at one of the planets, engaging the dreadnaughts on land; the subcapitals of Hard Knocks and E X P L O S I O N attempted to return and engage the NoHo forces, supported by allies in Exit Strategy.., but were stopped bubbles which put them 110km off of their trapped dreads. Hostile forces attempted to send their other capitals in to support their trapped ones, but by the time they and the subcapitals made it down to where the first half of the cap fleet was, they were dead, leading to a wholesale slaughter of a lot of the remaining Hard Knocks and E X P L O S I ON ships.

While No Holes Barred secured the engagement handily, they don’t seem to harbor much animosity against the attempted evictors, expressing enjoyment for the goodfights that they had as well as mentioning that there would always “be rivalry” between the groups involved. Others, however, on Eve-ru. were less enthused, and angrily wrote posts about the fight that they participated in.

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