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Where to find Clem in Warframe – Good Friend Nightwave Challenge

Where to find Clem in Warframe

Clem in Warframe is a living meme, and the fans love him. He’s just a simple Grineer who really likes his guns, and his vocabulary is kind of limited. He is still beloved by the community though. So why do I bring him up? Because the new batch of Nightwave quests mentions him, and players will need to complete a special mission with him to earn Cred.

Once per week, after completion of the A Man of Few Words quest, the player is allowed to run a mission for Darvo. Go to any Relay in the Star Chart, and head to Darvo’s Deals via the fast travel system to being. Interact with Darvo, then select the “Does Clem need my help option”,  this will spawn the player into a unique mission with Clem backing you up.

The Nightwave Intermission is going on now, and with it comes some new quests that rotate on a daily and weekly basis. For the last year, Warframe players have had to satisfy these tasks to gain Nightwave Cred that can be traded for rare Mods, crafting materials and even new gear like weapons and Warframes.

This mission is always a Survival mission, and your goal is to help Clem keep the enemy busy for at least 5-10 minutes. The trick is, during that time you will be stuck in a toxic atmosphere that will slowly drain your health as you try and survive by collecting Life Support packs that Lotus leaves around. Lotus will spawn the main pods every few minutes. Enemies will also drop plenty of smaller life support units, making this pretty easy as long as you manage your time properly.

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