How to build a Water Still in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

The Water Still in Stranded Deep is a pretty simple, although extremely important, construction. It’s one of the first goals you should have when starting up a new game, as it provides a steady source of freshwater. You have probably seen this practice in action on any number of survival TV shows, as it’s just a solar still. The basic principle is that the heat of the sun is focused on a vessel containing either saltwater or saltwater-bearing plant matter. The heat of the sun evaporates the water which then collects in the vessel as fresh desalinated water. The Water Still in Stranded Deep is basically just like that core concept and making it is actually pretty simple. You just need to craft a few basic tools to gather the materials, then do some hunting around for the rest of the materials.

You have two options for drinking from it. Drinking directly from it by interacting with the Tarp offers a quick drink that deals with a bit of dehydration. Using a cup crafted from a Coconut will grant a larger volume of drink, quenching a bit more thirst. Regardless of how you drink from it though, it’s vital for survival in this game, so let’s get on with a Water Still in Stranded Deep.

How to build a Water Still in Stranded Deep

To build a Water Still, you’ll need a bunch of different resources, here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 Coconut Flask
  • 1 piece of Tarp
  • 3 rocks
  • 1 lashing
  • 1 Palm Frond

Rocks are the first thing you will be gathering, as you will need them for the rest of this process. The Tarp is pretty easy, it’s just a random spawn. Look for the blue fabric around wrecks scattered on the island. After that, start gathering and crafting some lashing.

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The Coconut Flask is another simple item, you should know how to make it if you made Antidote, but in case you don’t, you just need a Coconut and one unit of lashing. Look near the shoreline for Coconuts. Also, Coconuts can be used as a decent water source and food source once gathered and split with an axe. They will spoil though, so keep that in mind.

The Palm Fronds must be gathered from Palm Trees, and you will need an axe so bring one along. Chop down the Palm Tree and then strike the Palm Bunch with an axe, this will give you Palm Fronds. For water to collect on the tarp — and drip into the flask — add additional Palm Fronds underneath to act as a water source.

Once you have all of the materials, use the crafting menu under the Buildings tab to craft the Water Still in Stranded Deep.

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