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When does Pokémon Go’s Season of Discovery start?

Raikou, Suicune and Entei in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go’s Season of Discovery will be the follow-up to Niantic’s hit mobile game. The old season is set to end on May 31, and with it goes a few content elements. At the end of the season, Xerneas and Ylevtal made their debut, but don’t worry. These will still be Raid targets at some point. And you can rest assured that Niantic will bring in new Raids as well. Season 8 of the battle league will be a big part of the game this time around. The previous season, Season of Legends, was all about both those things.

The Season of Discovery starts on June 1, immediately following the end of the current season. Players will see new Battle League options go live on that day. If you’re into PvP, that’s a good thing for you. Once again, players will be able to compete in a three-month rotation for new Cups. Great and Ultra Leagues will head off the events, with some more Cups for high tier play as well.

And if you’re not into PvP, there are PvE options you can take on as well. The Team Rocket Go events will continue as well, offering a bunch of randomized PvE battles that can test your roster out. Since Giovanni and the rest of his crew showed up, shadow Pokémon have been a common fixture. Rescuing these often rare spawns is a good goal for players, and Niantic will likely keep that going.

The main theme of the season will be around exploration, so players will be encouraged to go out and see what’s going on with their surroundings. Expect random spawns to be all about the Summer as well, there may even be some ocean events headed to the game. We will have to wait and see. Pokémon Go’s Season of Discovery will ramp up from there, with more community events planned outside the main theme.

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Gamers will likely get plenty of research tasks and quests each day during Pokémon Go’s Season of Discovery, so get ready for that.

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