BitLife Movie Star update is coming soon!

How to complete the Fast and Furious Challenge in BitLife

BitLife  recently debuted a simple weekly challenge, alongside the new CatLife game, but that’s not all we got today. CandyWriter also took the time to tease fans about another update headed to the mobile sim. There’s a patch in the works for the main mobile sim that will add some very much needed new features.

One of the common complaints players have is that the game stops being fun after a certain point. The biggest problem is that once you become wealthy, there’s very little to actually do. Once players unlock the Fame system, printing money and getting assets is far too simple. The reality is that the game needs new content. The developers are finally getting a handle on that with the BitLife Movie Star update.

The BitLife Movie Star update adds new features, focusing on expanding the Fame system already in the game. Previous updates have added social media and ways to become a famous writer or actor, but never the ability to star in films and TV. This new update will do just that. Aimed at expanding options with the ability to take on film and TV roles, players take a more active role in their work. Right now, it looks like players will be able to take on various randomly generated films to try and make money, while growing their own fame.

That’s everything we know about the new Movie Star update so far, check back for more news as it gets closer to release.

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