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What Salvage Kit is best in Guild Wars 2?

What Salvage Kit is best in Guild Wars 2?

There are three major kinds of Salvage Kit we’re going to talk about for this guide. These three items are some of the most useful items in the Gemstore, and you might be thinking about buying them. These kits go in and out of the store all the time, so it’s best to buy them when you can. There are gathering tools you can buy from the Gemstore as well,  and it’s strongly recommended if you’re trying to min-max gathering output.

The three items listed below are targeted to certain harvesting from specific rarities. Some give better material rewards. Charms and Emotes can be harvested as a bonus item to craft Runes. This can be a good Gold-spinner. So here is a guide on the three common Gemstore salvage kits, and when it’s best to use them.

Copper-fed Salvage-o-Matic

At 800 Gems, it’s a very expensive upgrade but it very quickly pays for itself. Anyone who plays this game long enough will run into an opportunity to salvage unusable Blues, Greens, and other junk rare items. The materials you get from these salvage runs might not be worth much on its own, but as a time-saving measure for your own crafting efforts, it’s a huge upside.

Odds – 10% chance of rarer materials. 20% chance of salvaging upgrades. Requires 3 Copper per use.

What items to use it on – White and Blue rarity items

As some of your early Gemstore purchases, this is one of the best you can grab. Being able to salvage an item for just 3 Copper is incredible, even compared to the cost of the other two Salvage items in this guide. This item is most useful for items of Blue and White rarity, as these very rarely give bonus materials that are worth the extra cost of the higher-end kits.

Silver-fed Salvage-o-Matic

At 500 Gems, this item is pretty affordable. If you have the cash or the Gold on hand for the conversion, it’s not too bad a deal. If you’re after upgraded materials, this can be a good thing to use. The added Copper cost makes it a necessity to do some cost-benefit analysis. The best option is usually saving anything that isn’t a super high-quality Green or higher could go to this kit.

Odds – 25% chance of rarer materials. 80% chance of salvaging upgrades. Requires 60 Copper per use.

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What items to use it on – Greens that don’t have needed Rune materials in them

This item used to be much more pricey to use, hence the name. The use cost has been lowered over the years, down to 60 Copper. This is still very affordable for the odds you get. You would most often use this if you want the materials upgrades but care a little less about getting the materials back. Don’t waste Copper on low-end gear with this one. Anything Green or above in rarity might be beast served by feeding it to the Silver-fed Salvage-o-Matic at a minimum. This is because of that added chance to get higher quality material drops. Ectoplasm and other high-end materials can be worth a ton of Gold, and you get more with the Silver-fed.

Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic

At 600 Gems, it’s a very expensive upgrade. It’s a much more situational upgrade, as only max-level players will see much use out of it. If you find yourself switching gear out and getting tons of randomized loot drops that you ID, this is a must-have item. The rarest item drops you get from Raids and other content is often account-bound, meaning you have to get value out of it aside from selling it. This is where this item shines, as it allows the top tiers of rarity to be salvaged for maximum return. Any stat augments on these pieces of gear can be salvaged 100% of the time with this Salvage Kit.

Odds – 20% chance of rarer materials. 100% chance of salvaging upgrades. Requires 30 Copper per use.

What items to use it on – Greens and higher rarity items, although its a personal choice if you want the Rune or basic materials.

This is the one you should use if you’re after upgrades on the rarest gear. When you absolutely want to reuse those crafting components from high-end gear upgrades, you use the Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic. Getting those Runes back is where the item gets its name from. The items best to target with these kits are the best Greens, and of course anything higher in rarity. There’s also a good chance that the drops can be upgraded into Globs of Ectoplasm.

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