How to summon ghosts in BitLife

How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

Halloween is almost here, and things are already downright spooky in many games. Once again, players in CandyWriter’s mobile sim have a weekly challenge to knock out.  The Paranormal Challenge in BitLife is a very ghostly one, as you’re going to be getting haunted by a ton of spirits. In fact, you need quite a lot of them to get this task done. One thing you need to do is summon ghosts in BitLife, here’s how.

Summoning ghosts is very simple, once you put the time in. You need a fair amount of cash to buy the 5+ haunted houses you need for this challenge. Get plenty of cash and you’re ready to begin. o into the Assets tab and open up the option to Go Shopping. Check the Real Estate section for more info. The haunted houses will be listed there. If you don’t find any, restart the app to refresh the list.

Buy the five houses you need, and make sure to aim for ones with high Hauntedness ratings if you can. When you have them go back into the Assets menu and check them out. When you click on Spirits, you will see a list of each ghost in the house. There will be two options there, to either summon a ghost, or to exorcise it. To count against the challenge, you need to exorcise 5+ individual ghosts, and summon 10+ ghosts. So at best, you need at least 10 ghosts in your various houses.

Each ghost you click on will have an Activeness and Friendliness rating. The lower these ratings, a couple of things can be inferred. A more Active ghost is more likely to do things, like scare you. A less friendly spirit will instead actively try to harm you a lot more often. Watch out that you don’t get taken out while trying to finish the challenge.

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