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Watch These: EVE Video Recap – May 27, 2015


Today let’s take a look at some newly released EVE videos for today.

First up we have a CCP-made video about the upcoming rendering changes coming in Carnyx expansion. Physically Based Rendering: “V5++” is a complete reworking and repacking of all EVE Online ship texture maps into a new system which works with new shaders, coming in the June 2015 “Carnyx” release.

Up next, we have this week’s rendition of TMC’s The Meta Show. With Laz, Nystrik, The Mittani, Thoric Frosthammer and Elise Randolph, this show has plenty of Null heavy-hitters with Imperium CEO and FC along with LAWN CEO, and HABIT CEO Elise.

PL, TRI, & SOLAR battled with Nulli Secunda yesterday in Etherium Reach. And despite appearing to have the upper hand, Nulli allowed a cascade of mistakes to be exploited by their enemies. This resulted in several Super Capitals and Billions of ISK being lost. You’ll find a video of the fighting from PL’s perspective.

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